Pearl River Valley Electric warns members about scam phone calls

Pearl River Valley Electric Power Association has received reports of telephone scams being directed at our members. 

Numerous variations of the scam exist, but all claim to have money from the federal government or a community action agency that will be used to pay the consumer’s electric bill.  Victims are asked to provide information about their banking account numbers or credit card information in order to process the transaction.

“Unfortunately we are hearing about more instances of these kinds of scams recently,” said Randy Wallace, Pearl River Valley Electric’s general manager.  “We would never make this kind of a call to a member, nor are there any such programs out there, to our knowledge. We urge our members to not give any personal or banking information over the phone to someone they don’t know. This also includes Social Security numbers.”

In addition to Pearl River Valley, other electric power cooperatives in South Mississippi have reported similar telephone scams in their service areas.

June 27, 2012
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