Round Up for Education

Rounding up to the nearest dollar to give our youth a better academic future.

Scholarship Program

Round Up for Education is an exciting program that will have far-reaching results within the areas we all call home. For many years, we had looked to develop a cooperative effort that will help create educational opportunities and economic benefits.

We started the Round Up program in 2012. Each month, participating members’ bills are rounded up to the nearest dollar. We take the difference and put it in a fund designed to help any Pearl River Valley Electric member or their children or spouse who want to attend a Mississippi community college.

The average round up would be 50 cents per month, or less than 2 cents per day. If every member contributes their round up amount, we can collectively raise hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and provide help to hundreds of students.

In just our first ten years of the program, 2167 students have been awarded nearly $1,600,000!